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5th June 20

Learning From Home


Please see the tab on the left or click below to access the Learning from Home page




Please see the letter attached below about Lancashire County Council's decision NOT to re-open schools for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 at the current time.

Key Worker Parents


We will be opening to some children in other year groups from June 1st. Therefore, we need to ensure we have enough staff in place for our Key Worker children since they are our priority during this time. Please complete the survey below to indicate days you will need in the future. 

Key Worker Form


Please find attached a letter from all the Primary Headteachers in Lytham and St Annes.




Mrs Hodgson has decided to keep in touch by letter with all our Heyhouses children.

After seven days letters will be placed in the News and Dates Tab to the Left.

Parent Letter : Adobe Acrobat file (227.5k)



This section will be updated each Sunday until normal Sunday School can begin again. 


Pentecost Sunday


This is a very special Sunday in the Church's year. It is sometimes called the 'Birthday' of the church because it marks the coming of the Holy Spirit and a change for the church. From this moment on the church grew and the power of the Holy Spirit changed the lives of Jesus's followers. The Fruit of the Spirit marked out those who were Christians.

Pentecost Sunday : Adobe Acrobat file (554.4k)

Hope you like these activities Junior church! We made Fruit salad last year. These activities include biscuits and icing- usually your favourite. Have fun.

The Ascension of Jesus


This is the Sunday after Ascension Day. We hear how Jesus returns to be with His Father in Heaven but we are not left on our own. Jesus prays for us and shows us how important it is to pray. Our world needs our prayers today. There is great power in everyone praying together.When we all pray together in church and in school it feels wonderful and comforting. When you say your prayers at home you must remember everyone else in their own homes saying prayers too and then you will feel 'at one' with everyone as Jesus says in the reading.

Miss you Junior Church. You are in our prayers. 

With our love,

Elizabeth and Antony, Margaret and Dorothy.



These are some prayers that we use at church and in school. They may help you at this time.

Irish Blessing : Adobe Acrobat file (64.8k)

In this reading Jesus promises he will not leave us on our own, the Holy Spirit will comfort us and give us strength. The promise of the 'Gifts of the Holy Spirit' is very important, as Christians these gifts enrich our lives- if we let them.

PEACE AND LOVE are promised to COMFORT us. This is an important message in 2020.

Miss you all Junior church- and there would have been cake today too! Mr Hodgson's Birthday!

I am the Way, the Truth and The Life


Today the readings we would normally hear in church give us comfort and hope. They remind us how Jesus is the Way, the Truth and The Life. He guides us and keeps us safe, however difficult the journey.

In our faith we are strong, in our faith we find hope.

I hope you have a good Sunday, Junior church children. I wonder what your news would have been today? Maybe Birthdays, maybe family celebrations or maybe just Home learning! Take care all of you. In the activities it mentions writing letters, you might like to do one for someone you know from church. Send it to me and I will post it on for you. 

Colouring Activity : Adobe Acrobat file (114.7k)

The Good Shepherd


Sunday worship today would have included a reading about Jesus being the Good Shepherd and Psalm 23. These are both wonderful passages from the Bible which can help us stay strong, knowing we are loved and kept safe by God.

In Junior church we probably would have made sheep biscuits -you can try to at home, if not there are some colouring craft activities.

Miss you all- Sundays are just not the same, but I am being patient!

The Good Shepherd : Adobe Acrobat file (563.6k)

Jesus Appears to His Disciples


In the story today, Jesus appears to His Disciples and helps his doubting disciple, Thomas, believe in His Resurrection. I have planned a 'creating' activity- enjoy! 

Craft Activity : Adobe Acrobat file (324.7k)

First Sunday after Easter


Junior Church always begins with us, telling each other, our news. Do the same at home; take the time to ask the people in your family, what they have been doing. Even though we are all together, all the time, we may just not notice what they are doing. The story for today, is about the disciples 'not noticing' something and being surprised. I hope you like this story.

Art Activity : Adobe Acrobat file (285.9k)

Easter Day 2020


For all Junior Church- Have a very Happy Easter! The Easter Egg hunt we usually have will just have to wait a few weeks this year. We will have one though, I have added it to my list of things to do when this is over. Nothing gets in the way of food with us does it!

Have a happy day with your families. Lots of love.

Easter Day Story : Adobe Acrobat file (472.4k)
Easter Day Cross : Adobe Acrobat file (146.3k)



I hope you enjoy this version of Palm Sunday. Remember how we all sing in the hall, 

'Sing Hosanna, Sing Hosanna, Sing Hosanna to the King of Kings.'

Show your parents the actions, even if you get them wrong like I always do! Palm Sunday was a happy day for Jesus, have a happy day Heyhouses.

Palm Sunday Crafts : Adobe Acrobat file (235.1k)



MARCH 29th


I hope you enjoy these activities around the story of the Miraculous Catch of Fish.

Miss you Junior Church! 

Thinking of you all Heyhouses, I will hold you all in my prayers today.


Fish Template : Adobe Acrobat file (88.3k)

For all children this is a story you can read or watch and an activity. I know it is not the same as meeting up but it might help knowing lots of Heyhouses children are doing it with you.


Stories and Poems Written by the Children 2020

Viking Long Ship : Adobe Acrobat file (572.9k)

David Walliams - free daily audio story


David Walliams is releasing a FREE audio story every day for the next 30 days. Click the link or copy and paste into your browser:

Learning from Home


Coronavirus COVID-19 Update.




Log in details for some of the packages we mention have already been given to the children and will be sent out again as reminders.

Thank you to all parents for their support and understanding at this difficult time. These are worrying days for everyone and regardless of whether school is open or not, we will find ways to support all our Heyhouses children and their families in the weeks ahead. As we face the uncertainty of this week let us take comfort in our faith, remembering the words of the Psalms.

Psalm 46: God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Thinking of all our Heyhouses families,

With best wishes

Elizabeth Hodgson



'Pupil's behaviour is outstanding. Pupils work hard in lessons and develop excellent attitudes to learning.'

'The school's exciting curriculum provides memorable learning experiences for all pupils.'

Ofsted Inspection 2019

We have an excellent reputation in the community and we are continually over subscribed. Our parents say...‘Heyhouses offers a superb education at primary level and it is the unrivalled dedication of the headteacher and her team of staff that makes the school environment a pleasure for the pupils to be in. Excellent all round.


Please read the Headteacher's letter about our recent inspection.

Inspection Report : Adobe Acrobat file (142.6k)

This is our 2019 Ofsted Inspection report.

Last year we received a Section 48 Inspection from the Diocese of Blackburn. A special 'Thank you' to all the children in school who were wonderful and happily discussed what it is like to be a 'Heyhouses child.' Thank you also to all the parents who came into school to meet with the Inspectors. And finally, thank you to all staff who, as ever, worked tremendously hard and demonstrated their expertise in bringing out the best in the children in our care.

We are very proud to have been graded 'Outstanding' once more.


If you would like to receive a prospectus or arrange a visit, please contact us:

Heyhouses Church of England Primary School

Clarendon Road North, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, FY83EE

Infant and Junior Department: (01253) 722014

Nursery Department: (01253) 640110

                                email: head@heyhouses.lancs.sch.uk