Spider season in Beech class

Image of Spider season in Beech class

Click continue reading to see more photos. Today in our Wild At Heart session we were learning all about spiders. We watched some videos of how spiders make their webs. We then went on a spider hunt around school to see if we could find any webs and spiders. We spotted lots of webs and a…

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Spider searching in Olive

Image of Spider searching in Olive

Click to see more photos. Today I’m our Wild at Heart session we learned about spiders and their webs. We then went on a spider web hunt around school and found lots of webs. We even found an egg sack! Well done to all the super spider spotters. 


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Basketball skills in PE

Image of Basketball skills in PE

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Today, we have been practising our basketball skills. First we practised our short passes and bounce passes. Then we played a mini game to help us put our skills into practise and work as a team. 

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Chocotastic English

Image of Chocotastic English

Today we started learning about persuasive writing through the wonderful world of chocolate. We talked about persuasive language and then we were given some secret parcels to unwrap. We all had some chocolate in our secret parcels. We then got to taste the chocolate and worked in groups to come up…

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Outdoor maths

Image of Outdoor maths

We had lots of fun learning about directions outside during our maths lesson. We had to direct our partner using North, South, East and West and estimate how many steps. Continue reading to see more photos.


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Pen licence success

Image of Pen licence success

We are very excited to say that 3 more pen licence have been awarded today. Well done girls, you have worked very hard and your handwriting and presentation is beautiful. 

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Exciting news in Beech Class

Image of Exciting news in Beech Class

Today, two of our super stars in Beech Class were awarded their own pen licenses. This means they can now use a pen to write in their books. They both present their work beautifully and join up consistently. A huge well done! There are lots of other children who are very nearly there, so watch…

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Times tables fun

Image of Times tables fun

We had lots of fun practising our 2 times tables today. We played a board game to help us remember our multiplication and division facts. 

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Marvellous maths

Image of Marvellous maths

The children have been showing off their maths skills today. We were very impressed with how hard they worked. We have been adding to and subtracting from a given number. Keep up the excellent work. 

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PE in Year 3

Image of PE in Year 3

Click continue reading to see more photos. We have had a great first PE lesson in the juniors. All the children tried extremely hard and showed off some super skills. We practised running races, an obstacle course and did some throwing and catching in pairs. We all had lots of fun. The weather was…

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Beech class 21/22

Image of Beech class 21/22

We have had a great first two days in Beech Class. The children have settled really well into the juniors. Well done! 

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Olive art

Image of Olive art

We had fun on our first afternoon in Year 3 painting some self portraits. 

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