Training Session

This morning we have practiced our ball striking in our PE training session. 

We will use these newly developed skills in our rounders game next week. 

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Fantastic and Fun Fractions!

We have been focusing on fractions in maths.

Finding equivalent fractions and fractions of numbers. 

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Scientist Amelia leads a digestive investigation

Year 4 have been investigating digestion.

Take a look at the process that we replicated. Each child played an important role in this.

Make sure you ask your child what their role was.


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Look At Our EGGcellent EGGperiment Results

As you will have seen from our blog last week, we have been investigating the effects of sugary drinks on our teeth. 
Today we viewed our experiment results. 

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Ready, Aim, FIRE!

All these children scored a 10 with their arrow! 

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World Book Day Quiz

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A fantastic poem to help us with our Grammar

Thanks to Amelia, who has written this AMAZING poem to help us with our grammar. 

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Look at our EGGcellent, EGGciting EGGperiment time!

We set up an investigation to see the impact that a range of drinks on our teeth. 

We will see the results in a week!

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Alice is stuck in Wonderland during lockdown!

Alice has been stuck in wonderland because of lockdown. She asked for our help performing the croquet rules.  

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Ready, Steady, GO!

Developing our skills during PE today. 

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Terrific Teeth Types

Today, we counted how many teeth we have and lined up in order of least to most. Thomas had the least with 20, Miss Anderson had the most with 32!

We learnt about the four different types of teeth and how they are all useful. We tested out using our teeth by eating an apple.

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We are Amazon Rainforest experts!

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